Beauty and wellness

Our notions of beauty!

lady 1: Oh look at the pretty lehegna she is wearing!

lady 2: But she is not fair, not beautiful. Poor bride!

As I sit on my couch writing this I wonder for how long are we going to associate beauty with the skin colour. And not only the skin colour but also height, weight, colour of iris, hair etc. This is the stark reality in India. Our notion of beauty is fair skin.I do not understand how the amount of melanin present in one’s body can be a criteria for defining beauty. Even some of our dusky celebrities have faced prejudices.

Most of the women with darker skin tones are not satisfied with their skin tones. All thanks to skin whitening products and their advertisements. They try a range of skin whitening products available in the market. They envy almost everyone with lighter skin tones. They are under confident. They constantly need reassurance that yes even they’re beautiful!

Not only in India but also in other parts of the world most of the women are insecure about their looks and appearances. In India people are obsessed with fair skin but in countries like US people go to tanning salons. The cosmetic industry finds its way anywhere for minting money. There are trends in fashion and most of the people follow them blindly in a hope of getting a XYZ celeb look. Latest one here being rebonding of hair.  Does that mean the girls with natural curls aren’t beautiful anymore?


My idea of beauty is the confidence which someone possess. Your confidence makes you beautiful girl! Not your clothes, your hair, your skin colour or anything. Each one of us is beautiful in our own way. So next time whenever you get skeptical about your looks, look into your eyes in the mirror, smile and say I’m not beautiful like her I’m beautiful like me. 🙂


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