Rat Race!

An email pops up in the morning itself,” Heartiest congratulations to all those 34 students, and their parents ,who got selected in XYZ company”, thanks for ruining my day sir. I feel like i’m pissing into the wind. I feel pointless like a small fish in the large ocean, like traffic signs on Delhi roads, like the script of  Tess Mar khan.

Its nothing new, we’ve all been introduced into this rat race from our school itself ,from the very beginning – our primary classes. I still remember how my parents told me “jo bache class me first aate hain vahi sabse ache bache hote hain“. Its translation is the kids who stand first in class are the best kids. Indian parents compare their children’s academic results with all those who score more marks than their children. Its a matter of pride if their child is standing first in class. Even, the child is asked to be friends with only those who have got good grades.


The same happens at college level and even at the jobs. We all are constantly preoccupied in this rat race. We always strive hard to be better than our peers. A very famous dialogue from a detergent advertisement “teri sari meri sari se safaed kaise?“, how is your sari whiter than mine? There are comparisons everywhere. Rightly depicted in 3 idiots 95% marks are way less than 93% (in context of Indian parents).


Where are we going? Does this race provides satisfaction to our soul. Are we going on a right path? I agree that the competitive spirit is good, but to what extent, this is my question.


5 thoughts on “Rat Race!”

  1. Hello kirti

    To answer your question I believe the competitive spirit is always good, because it’s this competitive spirit only which push us towards perfection. I think the right question here might be the approach we take to fulfill our competitive spriti.

    Obviously it’s not always good to compare you your capabilities with others but sometimes that comparison becomes the catalyst for our growth and coming to the part where parents ask there child to be friend with a person with good grades (obviously because you are not the one with those good grades 😜) that is because they are assuming may be if getting along with them can get you good marks then why not. (Must have heard kharboje ko deekh kar Kharbuja rang badalta hai ☺).

    What I feel most of the time this rat is race is because of our never fulfilling desires which force us to take any measures possIsle to exceed and be at the top.
    If one can learn how to control ones desire than I believe one can learn how to get out of this rat race.

    1. hi Aman,
      I believe competitive spirits are in our genes. humans have been competing with each other since the dawn of mankind. Early men used to compete for food. Now coming to your point, I don’t think parents need to create pressure in their child’s mind continuously that he has to succeed because everyone gets mature and gets to know what is best for them. In my opinion everybody should have the freedom as well as courage to learn from their own mistakes. Our mistakes make us mature.

      1. That’s true( although partially because there is no harm in listening to your parents even if you are mature. If you are mature than they have experience )but only when you are grown up if not than they should guide us tell us and if required pressure us otherwise if not guided well than who knows when one can became a next kasab.

      2. Now you’re taking it in a wrong direction.. and parents are always supportive.. but parents can’t make you stand you’ve to stand on your own legs.. that’s what I meant.. 🙂

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