Why are we forgetting ethnics?

Its been a long time since I wrote something. Today I’m going to express my opinion about ethnic dresses. Starting with the current scenario (I’m assuming everyone knows what ethnic means! 😀 ) , today most of the working women and students have chosen western wear over ethnics and we should forget about men because almost all men do not wear ethnic (Again, I live in a metropolitan city so my opinions are restricted). People have resorted to western wear because these are more comfortable to wear which is absolutely true.  Continue reading “Why are we forgetting ethnics?”


Bedtime pory!

Today I was watching Minions again and at the end of it one thing made me rethink  which was ‘Bedtime pory’ or bedtime story. When I was a kid my mom used to read me bedtime stories to sleep.The stories which took me to a fantasy world of dragons, fairies, wizards, witches, unicorns and what not. But now a days this wonderful art of telling stories to kids is dying. Bedtime stories are being replaced by gadgets. Young parents give smartphones in the hands of their children and take pride in seeing their kids operating them. Continue reading “Bedtime pory!”