Bedtime pory!

Today I was watching Minions again and at the end of it one thing made me rethink  which was ‘Bedtime pory’ or bedtime story. When I was a kid my mom used to read me bedtime stories to sleep.The stories which took me to a fantasy world of dragons, fairies, wizards, witches, unicorns and what not. But now a days this wonderful art of telling stories to kids is dying. Bedtime stories are being replaced by gadgets. Young parents give smartphones in the hands of their children and take pride in seeing their kids operating them.

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Bedtime stories have long been known to foster parent child bond and prepare children for sleep and I think that nothing can replace bedtime stories. The advantages of them are:

  1. Bedtime stories increase child’s imaginative power and opens new myriad windows for little brain.
  2. It enhances child’s language skills as the parents use story time as the stepping stone for conversations.
  3. It boosts a child’s brain development.
  4. Reading a book repeatedly helps a child develop his/her logic skills.
  5. They’ll also learn to predict what will happen next based on their prior knowledge.Later, these lessons in recognizing patterns, understanding sequences, and predicting outcomes will help children in other areas, from math and science to music and writing.

Apart from all these benefits story time helps to develop a deep emotional bond between parents and their children. 🙂 #bedtimestories


9 thoughts on “Bedtime pory!”

  1. Informative! And yes, parenting these days has reached to a different level, virtual bond they build rather than emotional one with their children.
    On separate note, you should create an about page for your blog, not necessarily though 🙂

  2. So true. Indulgent parents and infinitely irritating brats.. the times have changed 😦
    More than parents, it used to be the grandparents in the old days who would do all that.. story telling, teaching songs and ditties and rhymes.. I think the world forgot what good parenting is all about.. A smartphone is not a replacement.. but I am glad you said this.. nice post..

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