The face on the wall

by EV Lucas

My personal note: I read this story in school when I was in 7th class. Today while giving a mock test I read a passage from this story. This brought back the nostalgia to school and English  textbooks. This tremendously enthralling and captivating plot is full of twists and turns. I do not intend any copyright violations, I just wanted to share a story with everyone, a story that completely fascinates me. Now without much ado, read on 😉 

I still tingle with mortification over an experience at Dabney’s last evening, the only satisfaction being that others tingle with me. We were talking of the supernatural — that unprofitable but endlessly alluring theme — and most of us had cited an instance, without, however, producing much effect. Among the strangers to me was a little man with an anxious white face, whom Rudson-Wayte had brought, and he watched each speaker with the closest attention, but said nothing. Then Dabney, wishing to include him in the talk, turned to him and asked if he had no experience to relate, no story that contained an inexplicable element.

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