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Let’s change the rules of beauty.

Hi folks!

Long time since I wrote something (I hardly find anytime these days). So, no I’m not promoting Dove’s “Let’s break the rules of beauty campaign”. It is just my personal musings which I’m putting to platter today. Let’s talk about beauty first. What is beauty? Is it something that pleases the aesthetic senses or is it something that pleases your soul? For me it’s the latter one.

All over the world there are so many diverse cultures and ethnicities, it is not difficult but impossible to find out the parameters for physical beauty and come on a consensus. And this is true not only for women but for men as well.

Why do you think this topic is important or discuss? Is it relevant at all in today’s globalised world? The answer is absolutely yes. It is highly likely that people associate their physical appeal and attributes to their self confidence and most of the times they fear raising their opinions in public because they are not confident about their looks.

Can we do anything to change this? I feel that if there’s anything that will be effective is to tell little girls and young boys not to bully others for their appearance. (As a child I got bullied for my skin colour and I know how it feels. I wish somebody could tell have told me that you’re not dusky you’re chocolatey.) Let’s tell those young girls that it’s ok to be dusky, it’s ok to have small eyes (like little twinkling stars), there’s no problem in being fat or being to slim, it’s completely ok to have curly, wavy, straight, long , short, medium or any type of hair. It’s ok for boys to be short and slim. Everything is ok. Don’t focus on things you can’t change and focus on the things you can, for looks can be deceptive but your skills can not. So, all those who want to make a difference in someone else’s life, make sure you don’t let others’ fell prey of this whimsical desire of looking pretty instead let them work on building a healthy mind and a beautiful soul. 🙂


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