About me

Hello! I’m Kriti Sharma. I live in Delhi and hence this blog’s name is The Delhi Girl. I’ve a natural flair towards anything artistic and I’m creative since childhood. I love singing, dancing, painting, making greeting cards, reading and writing. I’ve a head brimming of ideas and an itch of constantly improving and re-inventing myself.

This blog is nothing but a reflection and documentation of my personal thoughts and musings. I’ll write about anything and everything here. I would write about my experiences, book reviews, movie reviews, inspirational stuff etc.

I’m am currently doing my B.Tech in Electronics & communication from MAIT, Delhi. I’m a final year student.

Eccentric, bibliophile and die heart foodie.

That’s all folks!

Want to know more about me? You can email me, leave a comment and follow my blog 🙂IMG_20150430_152440_HDR


9 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hello there pretty Delhi Girl Kriti 🙂 A different name for a change 🙂 Hope you doing well. I’m Savio from Goa, hope we can be blogging buddies here on WordPress 🙂
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow 🙂 {it’s night time now}

      1. Wonderful Kriti…and now that we are connected, u’ll see a lot of notifications coming from my side… :p
        I somehow have gotten into some kind of blogging spree…might as well make best use of it before I hit a block somewhere 🙂

      2. sure, you’re welcome to drop in anytime and have a little doze of the music as well provided FREE for listening pleasure..might put you to sleep sometimes, other times dance..and hopefully on a rare occasion make you pull your hair out too…lol

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