One year reflection on my B-School journey

It has been months since I’ve written anything here, thanks to my busy B-School life. But I’ve stolen the time from my internship and today I’m going to write about my reflection on the journey so far.

First things first, what were the feelings I had when I decided to choose IMT Ghaziabad as my Alma mater? It was a mixed bag of both good and bad. Being always the class topper in school, having an aggregate of more than 80% in engineering, I always had a sense of pride instilled myself of what I am and what I can achieve. But, however good you are, there must always be someone who is ahead of you. It has happened with me and I can guarantee it will happen with you. While going for B-School, I knew people who were going to a better one than I was. I always feared whether IMT would be good enough for me or not but when I joined I was completely flabbergasted or rather clean bowled. The kind of crowd I saw here is incredible. One of the advantages of having a huge ( and by huge I really mean humongous) batch size is you can see the diversity and learn from everyone. When they say B-School is a good place for networking, I firmly believe IMT is the best one in this respect.

Talking about my journey so far, initial couple of weeks were completely appalling, the Personality development sessions by seniors, the back to back introductory courses and then the various interviews for committee selection. And what added the fuel to fire was my eternal homesickness. I have no shame in admitting that I use to cry in bed. I was completely lost during the first term. My grades were low and I was afraid whether I have made the worst decision of my life. I used to get very nervous during the presentations in the starting. I used to shy away from class interactions thinking that I might have a stupid opinion.

But all this didn’t last long. I have seen an improvement in myself term on term. Today I’m not afraid of anything, be it interviews, class participation, presentations or simple interactions. This is the beauty of B-school life, more than anything, it teaches you to come out of your own inhibitions. Initially I came with a mindset that there is no social life in an MBA school, I was proven wrong again, made some very close friends here. I Sat through a lot of interviews during summer placements got rejected again and again, felt very dejected. But now when I look back, I see every dismayed experience as a learning opportunity, I’ve learnt from everything and have grown as a person.

Yes, the B-School life seems very tough, it is difficult to adapt initially but once everything sets in place, it is like a launchpad. It depends upon you to decide your projectile motion. I felt vulnerable at times but came out strong. The key take away anyone can get from here is to become adaptable and flexible according to the situations and surroundings. The key to survival in today’s world is agility.

Now, I’m eagerly waiting for my second year to start. Until then, I miss you IMT!

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Love marriage VS Arranged marriage

We (youth) often have discussions regarding which format of marriage is better love or arranged. Some argue in the favor of love marriage and some in favor of arranged marriage.  I do not understand who put a VS between these two. According to me love and arranged marriages are not the Earth and the sky. These are just two different sides of the same coin. I’m not biased towards any particular format I’ve seen both of them turning out to be successful.

Living in a country like India, marriage is not just the union of two souls but also the union of two families. Our parents always want to see us happy. So they according to their own experiences they try to choose the best partners for us.  But the problem that lies here is even our parents do not know us completely (I would like to apologize if I’m hurting anybody’s sentiments). They have seen us growing but they’ve not seen our thought process growing. They haven’t seen our peers, for instance, and also the conditions and situations we’re facing once we’re out of our homes. And then there is a huge generation gap at present. At most of the things our thoughts are not aligned with our parents or grandparents. So needless to say our parents know only a limited version of us (In most of the cases not for everyone). And so their sense of judgement may fail when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Now coming to the love marriage, most of us at the time of our marriage are not even sure of our choices. Everything looks fancy at first but later on turns unobtrusive. That is the reason why some of the love marriages turn into ugly divorces later. What they had thought was love, was only attraction and the phase got over and so is the marriage. Love and attraction are two different things. Love starts when the attraction begins to fade, when the people realise that the other person is not perfect but still they want to spend their life with them. Love is when you keep on falling for the same person each day and you tend to do anything to put a smile on their face 🙂 Love is bliss and the best thing in life is to fall in love. Spending the whole life with the one you love is like living in a paradise.

If you ask me what do I prefer I would say a mixture of both. A love cum arranged marriage is the best of all kinds.

I’m not ending this post and leaving it open for further discussion. 🙂