The face on the wall

by EV Lucas

My personal note: I read this story in school when I was in 7th class. Today while giving a mock test I read a passage from this story. This brought back the nostalgia to school and English  textbooks. This tremendously enthralling and captivating plot is full of twists and turns. I do not intend any copyright violations, I just wanted to share a story with everyone, a story that completely fascinates me. Now without much ado, read on 😉 

I still tingle with mortification over an experience at Dabney’s last evening, the only satisfaction being that others tingle with me. We were talking of the supernatural — that unprofitable but endlessly alluring theme — and most of us had cited an instance, without, however, producing much effect. Among the strangers to me was a little man with an anxious white face, whom Rudson-Wayte had brought, and he watched each speaker with the closest attention, but said nothing. Then Dabney, wishing to include him in the talk, turned to him and asked if he had no experience to relate, no story that contained an inexplicable element.

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Why are we forgetting ethnics?

Its been a long time since I wrote something. Today I’m going to express my opinion about ethnic dresses. Starting with the current scenario (I’m assuming everyone knows what ethnic means! 😀 ) , today most of the working women and students have chosen western wear over ethnics and we should forget about men because almost all men do not wear ethnic (Again, I live in a metropolitan city so my opinions are restricted). People have resorted to western wear because these are more comfortable to wear which is absolutely true.  Continue reading “Why are we forgetting ethnics?”


Bedtime pory!

Today I was watching Minions again and at the end of it one thing made me rethink  which was ‘Bedtime pory’ or bedtime story. When I was a kid my mom used to read me bedtime stories to sleep.The stories which took me to a fantasy world of dragons, fairies, wizards, witches, unicorns and what not. But now a days this wonderful art of telling stories to kids is dying. Bedtime stories are being replaced by gadgets. Young parents give smartphones in the hands of their children and take pride in seeing their kids operating them. Continue reading “Bedtime pory!”


Gender bender!

“Hello and welcome to 2050.  Today we’re going to talk about the plight of Bunty Saxena, who was brutally beaten by a gang of 4 girls in the outskirts of city for not standing and giving them seat in a local bus. The number of crimes against men are increasing day by day. The NGO’s working for men welfare have been outraged by these incidences and there is a far outcry among males to protect their rights.”

Are you bewildered reading my above lines? Well this scenario could be true if we will continue to make one section of our society (women) privileged over the other (men).We all celebrate International Women’s day on 8th March every year but did we ever care to celebrate International Men’s day on November,19th? Talking about the rights of women or talking about the rights of men is not equality and its not feminism either. Continue reading “Gender bender!”

Beauty and wellness

Hello Beautiful!

Hello beautiful!

Yes you! behind those nerd glasses the girl with those pretty eyes, with those unkempt hair beautiful in their own way, with unshaped eyebrows, wearing pajamas and not so perfect persona. Yes you, the one who has insecurities regarding her looks, I’m talking to you Ms. Beautiful.

Why you have so many negative thoughts about yourself? Why listen to everyone else’s opinion about your appearance. It’s your body and your choice. You don’t need to put on kilos if you’re labelled skinny or vice versa. Don’t change your looks rather change your perception girl. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul. Continue reading “Hello Beautiful!”


Rat Race!

An email pops up in the morning itself,” Heartiest congratulations to all those 34 students, and their parents ,who got selected in XYZ company”, thanks for ruining my day sir. I feel like i’m pissing into the wind. I feel pointless like a small fish in the large ocean, like traffic signs on Delhi roads, like the script of  Tess Mar khan.

Its nothing new, we’ve all been introduced into this rat race from our school itself ,from the very beginning – our primary classes. I still remember how my parents told me “jo bache class me first aate hain vahi sabse ache bache hote hain“. Its translation is the kids who stand first in class are the best kids. Indian parents compare their children’s academic results with all those who score more marks than their children. Its a matter of pride if their child is standing first in class. Even, the child is asked to be friends with only those who have got good grades. Continue reading “Rat Race!”