Love is my Favorite emotion. Love is something about which I can talk any day, anytime. But the question is what is love? Is it the water that falls in form of rain? Is it the music which comes when wind whispers through trees ? Is it the fragrance that comes from wet sand? Is it in the cooing of birds ? Or is it in the taste of the food my mom prepares? Is love in the silly pillow fights with my brother? Is it in the first ray of light that comes through window every morning? Is love in the talks I have with Arpita (my best friend)? Is it in the hue of beautiful roses? Is love the care my daddy have for me? Is it in the pages of Nicholas Sparks novels? Is it in the romantic movies? Is love the adrenaline rush? Is it in the scarlet cheeks of an adolescent girl? Is it in the nervousness of a young boy? Is it in the way the shy grandpa places a flower in grandma’s head? ¬†Or is it what the mirror reflects every time I see it?

The answer is love is everywhere. Love is within us. Love is the purest of all emotions. Love is affection. Love is care. Love is sympathy. Love is sacrifice. Love is compassion. Love is meditation. Love is companionship. Love is intimacy. And love is the only thing that connects us to the supreme energy. Love bridges the gap between our body and our soul. Love is the most beautiful emotion. Lucky are those who fall in love each day. And even luckier are those who fall in love with same person (or thing ) every single day. And for those even luckier ones, love is their passion. And their passion is their love.