Promise day!

As we all know that valentine’s week is going on and today is promise day. So today I’m going to make some promises to myself ( Yeah, who said you can only make promises to your valentine? 😛 ). So here is the list.

  1. I’ll try to be more beautiful. Yes you read it right. But beautiful not from my external appearance but from my heart and my soul. Now if anyone of you doesn’t understand what it means, let me elaborate it. From ‘beauty of heart’ I mean, a person who is easy to like, who is empathetic (which I’m 😛 ) and who cares about feelings and sentiments of other people.
  2. I’ll try to spread smile and happiness. Well what is the use of a person who can make only himself/herself happy? A life worth living is where you can bring smiles on other’s face.
  3. I’ll try to motivate myself and others. How? Through my writings (Like this one).
  4. I’ll try to be a better person than I yesterday was. And do you know what is the first step to be a better person? First recognizing what is that which needs to be worked upon and then working upon it.

So I’m going to work upon these things. Each one of you can also make some promises to yourself this promise day. 🙂